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Cerebrate includes a powerful and exhaustive model for auditing all activities taking place in Cerebrate.

To access the audit log via the user interface, under the administration section and instance part, there is an Audit Logs.


Then a logs view is accessible which includes the following:

  • An id reference to the log


A source IP can be the one from the proxy if the X-Forwarded-For is not set.

  • A source IP address which performs the change
  • The associated Username which performs the update
  • A Title which includes a summary of the change
  • A Model where the change was performed and a associated Model ID
  • An Action such as login, add, delete.
  • A complete entry called Changed which includes the complete change audited


All the columns can be displayed or removed from the view by accessing the right slider:


A search fields (on top right) allow to search for model,mode_title and request_action: